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Avoid change orders, RFI’s & delays by providing constructible enclosure details.

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The design team and contractor have dozens of responsibilities and skills at maintaining schedule, scope, and budget. But the enclosure requires specific expertise. An incomplete or unbuildable set of documents will cause delays, change orders, and, worst of all, harm the builders’, architects’, and owners’ lives, careers, and project goals.

Field Verified’s design services will give you the tools and expertise to avoid delays, avoid costly change orders, and succeed as an individual and meet your goals.

Learn to check for continuity

The enclosure requires a continuous barrier to achieve #NoLeaks for air, water, and thermal barriers using this method of tracing the barrier. You can also identify scope gap as you trace over unidentified materials. This is just one tool used to perform design services.

A better timeline

In one week you could have solutions in hand and be in your first meeting with Field Verified to correct details. Start creating missing details and build out the enclosure properly. The GC will have a reliable schedule before sequencing is resolved together in the design phase.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Happiness

It doesn’t matter where you are, we will meet you there and make sure you reach your goals. The Field Verified team is trained in the soft skills that bring collaboration to the team. We know how to design and build an enclosure so that everyone wins. You will reach your goals without sacrificing your budget, schedule, or happiness.

Making Sense of the Complex

Our document reviews divide comments into three categories to allow for easy communication and resolution. These guide the team’s priorities and discussions. We capture the highest value first. 

Area of
Group discussion points, identifying conditions that may require expanded details.
Comments related to best practices, execution of the detail in the field, the sequence of construction, and lessons learned from the Field Verified team.
Comments on enlarged details. Where possible, suggested markups are included for discussion and clarity.
building enclosure

How We Deliver

“It is possible for everyone’s best interests to be achieved and we work to make sure that happens at every step of the design phase.”

Joanna Estes
Director of Design Services, Field Verified

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