Thermal Modeling

Meet Owner’s Needs & Changing Energy Codes

New building envelope assemblies need thermal modeling to prove energy code compliance.

A report from one of our NFRC certified modelers will show U-values, R-values, and overall performance of any wall, roof, or window assembly.

Fast turnaround of reports will keep your project moving in the right direction.

Energy Code Compliance

Prove compliance through U-value or R-value. U-value can be proven with a thermal model and could allow for easier and more cost effective walls for your project.

If you’re stonewalled by a comment about continuous insulation, get real answers with a Thermal Model. You can save money and build a better wall!


Conclusive report & a consult

We will meet with you to make sure the report solves your problems. You will understand the model and can explain it to others.

Own the success of your project, and you own careers.


The real-world

The concepts of thermal performance are easily understood when you work with our experts. Heat transfer and conductivity determine compliance. This will be in hand and explained, solving the current need and preparing you better for the next time.

what you get

2-D model of the assembly, demonstrating the heat transfer of components in the model
U-value of the overall assembly is provided & a determination of compliance.
thermal bridging & other sources of failure are identified & explained. performance problems are avoided & solutions can be developed.

“Accuracy is provided by our experience and certified training. We engage with you to help you add value and increase your own knowledge and ability to solve problems.”

Brian Melcher
Principal, Field Verified

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