Field Verified Laboratory

Field Verified Laboratory Testing provides efficient, on-time testing for new product and mock-up testing for glass, windows, storefront, curtain wall, EIFS, metal panel, and roof systems.

Our laboratory

Decades of testing and inspection experience on projects across the country is available to be leveraged for success in development or troubleshooting tested assemblies and products. Large and small scale testing for air infiltration, water penetration, and structural test assessments in an interior or exterior setting are an everyday activity at our facility, where the sun never stops shining. Specialized testing for wind uplift, impact, fire, and more are also performed at this facility.

In beautiful Arizona, our test walls are located inside an air conditioned space as well as outside to enjoy our cool months and sunlight. Located just 10 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport, the lab is surrounded by quality hotel chains, restaurants and entertainment.  With over 1,200 flights per day, travel to Phoenix is easy and convenient. Air conditioned break areas are provided for installers and a dedicated work area with computer connections and conference room are available for foreman, general contractors, owner’s representatives, architects and team meetings.

We have been able to accommodate every test size and configuration required by our clients.  We will provide your team with a testing experience worthy of the multi-million dollar project being constructed.  Avoid the remote locations, hazardous conditions and total lack of productive work areas common in so many other labs. Field Verified can provide a quote within 24 hours.  If you have a quote from another laboratory, we will provide at least a 15% discount on their rate.

Our testing laboratory features state of the art computerized equipment providing accurate and fast results, saving the project time and producing reports quickly. Field Verified provides the performance tests listed below.  If your required test isn’t here, contact us, it’s likely we can provide it.

AAMA 101, 501, 502, 503, 508, 509
ASTM C1601, D4541, D5206, E72, E283, E330, E331, E488, E547, E783, E1105, E1186, E1886, E1996, E2357, F588, F1592
FM 4473, 4474
NFRC 400
TAS 100, 100(A), 125, 201, 202, 203
UL 580, 1897, 2218

AAMA Accreditation

Hiring an AAMA Accredited Testing Firm provides the benefits of a third-party certification of our testing procedures, equipment and quality management processes.  It assures our clients that we are a firm with the commitment and resources to invest in our people and take pride in our work.  Since 1962, AAMA Certification, the original third-party window performance program, has provided manufacturers with the means to independently demonstrate product performance to their customers.

Non-accredited testing companies do not provide any assurance of the accuracy of their test methods, properly calibrated equipment or experience to the parties involved in testing. There is tremendous importance placed on test results that have a major impact on the finances and reputation of builders, installers, manufacturer’s and architects.  Choosing a testing firm with the same high standards for excellence will ensure that the proper tests are conducted in strict accordance with the industry test standards using state of the art equipment.

Test Wall

Our test wall is constructed to allow easy adaptation to your test subject. Access at the interior side of the wall is accomplished with OSHA compliant equipment and stairwells. There’s no need to endure unsafe conditions within our test structure. Staging areas, truck wells and forklifts are available on site for material delivery, storage and staging. The option for indoor or outdoor mock-up areas allows for the project to select the best exposure and condition for the assembly.


Field Verified can provide a quote within 24 hours.  If you have a quote from another laboratory, we will provide at least a 15% discount on their rate.