Our 25,000-square foot laboratory facilities are designed with our clients in mind

At Field Verified’s 25,000-square foot laboratory, our trained technicians perform AAMA and ASTM tests on operable windows, storefronts and curtainwalls – even full-project facade mockups – in facilities designed with our clients in mind.

Located in Phoenix the laboratory is perfectly positioned to conduct tests in a controlled environment any time of the year. To Field Verified, however, testing is about much more than just our best-in-class laboratory.


“We had the pleasure of working with Field Verified on the laboratory testing of our latest Window Wall System. Field Verified’s team of qualified staff were extremely supportive throughout the laboratory testing of our latest Window Wall System. The state-of-the-art facility provided us the space, comfort, and technical services necessary to complete our test effectively and on time. We have utilized many test facilities around the globe and our experience at Field Verified was one of the best.”

James Hatch
Vice President of Preconstruction, Kovach

Testing Capacity

Our lab has both interior and exterior test wall locations that can accommodate every installation configuration and test specimen type.

With 10,000 square feet of outdoor testing space, installations at the five exterior wall locations can range from 20 to 50 feet wide and up to three stories tall. Open testing spaces and clear skies allow for close examination of finishes, structural details and overall aesthetics.

The five interior wall locations, 8,000 square feet of total test space, are all climate controlled and can accommodate tests for construction materials, fixed and operable windows and doors, product certification and a growing list of performance tests. Additional testing capabilities are available. Inquire for testing not listed here at [email protected] or 480-719-5090. Inquire for testing not listed here.

Air Leakage

Water Leakage

Structural Performance

Condensation Resistance

Dynamic Water


UV Resistance

Interstory Drift








In addition to the testing areas, the laboratory also has 7,000 square feet of indoor storage space for products and materials, so we are able to accept large deliveries with no height restrictions. We also provide full uploading services at loading docks with room to accommodate semi tractor-trailers and cranes. Deliveries can also be made with forklifts. Secure storage for tools and equipment is also provided.


Conveniently located in Mesa, Arizona, Field Verified’s laboratory is easily accessible from anywhere in the Southwest region to maximize project efficiency.

In a climate that averages 301 days of sun and just 36 days of rain a year, the laboratory is perfectly located to conduct tests in a controlled environment any time of the year.

The Workplace

In addition to the test areas, the laboratory facilities also include a variety of client amenities, such as individual, climate-controlled work stations; padded work booths with power stations; conference rooms; a kitchen and group seating areas.

Hosting Capabilities

Large groups can comfortably attend testing events in safety and style using our large hosting spaces.  Field Verified regularly hosts manufacturer presentations, meetings for architectural and professional organizations, and contractor training sessions.  Use the lounge, meeting rooms, offices and workstations boards for the day or duration of testing.


Field Verified provides access to essential mechanized equipment like forklifts and scissor lifts; use of hand tools is also complimentary. All are available for use during mockup specimen material delivery, installation, construction testing and dismantling. In addition to the storage for materials, secure storage for tools and equipment is provided.

If we can help you reach your goals and schedule, we will.  If we don’t have what you need, industrial suppliers and even a Home Depot are all within a short drive.  We’ll take deliveries on any special equipment or tools you need to send in advance.


Maximize your time at Field Verified by enjoying the local area. Unlike other laboratories, we are surrounded by excellent hotels, restaurants and activities. Phoenix always has renowned activities like gold tournaments, baseball, NBA basketball, the NFL, college football, and often hosts the Super Bowl, NCAA football and basketball tournaments and international car shows and auctions.

You aren’t stuck in a small town or a bad part of town when you send your testing project to Field Verified. You’ll be able to host your clients, stay at any level of hotel nearby, attend exciting events and experience a great city.

NAFS Window & Door Testing

Field Verified provides AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440 certification testing in the nation’s best facility for developing new products. Testing for all major gold label requirements and Canadian standards is performed in an ideal environment for your team to witness testing, meet together or get work done in the comfort of the facility.

Window manufacturer’s have found Field Verified to be the most accommodating of their schedules and that accelerates the production timetable of new units. The Field Verified laboratory has raised the standard of what should be expected from an accredited testing facility and staff.