Design Review

Field Verified works side by side with the design and construction teams from early in the design process to review and adapt the contract documents associated with the building envelope. Early in the design phase, the focus is on the constructibility and achieving the aesthetic intent of the design team and owner.  This is done through workshops, marking up drawings and constant communication with the design team when working out difficult details. In addition, Field Verified will work together with the design team and contractor to ensure that the project specifications are being adequately customized to the systems being developed for each project.  Critical performance requirements, testing requirements, as well as, any special information regarding the materials used on the project are the focus of the specification review and development. The contractor is engaged so that they may adequately price the project early, as well as confirming that the systems which are being developed in design can be procured and built as intended.

The ultimate goal of the Design Review process is to deliver project documents that achieve the owner’s performance and aesthetic goals as well as providing the contractor with everything necessary to meet the owner’s budget and schedule requirements.

Field Verified has provided these services successfully on Mission Critical, Healthcare, Education, Commercial, Airport, Hospitality and Residential projects across the country

Quality Assurance

Field Verified provides field Quality Assurance inspections in support of our Design Phase efforts. A good set of documents is only the first step in executed a high performing building envelope. Field fVerified consultants stay current on industry standards by maintaining several certifications and participating in hands on applicator trainings. We know it’s important to understand the process of construction in order to properly sequence and install the many systems that comprise the building. Field Verified consultants are well-known for the time we take to teach our clients and the project team in the field. Instead of citing our own authority we provide explanations, experiences and access to the documents that guide the installation of materials.
During site visits, direct coordination will occur with the Contractor and the Field Verified will check-in with the Contractor’s team upon arrival on site. Inspections review product utilization, confirm compliance with project documents, quality of work and address any issues arising during the course of work. On most projects, each Issue is reviewed with the Contractor, and the Contractor’s plan to correct the issue is recorded in the report. When the Issue is resolved, a photo of the condition and the correction is recorded in the Issue Resolution Log to close out the issue permanently.

Reports contain verification of compliance with the project documents in the Construction Checklists and Site Visit Photos. Typically 95% of the content will contain verification of compliant work and will include an Issues Log to track corrections to issues identified in the field. The reports memorialize the construction process, not just the completed product.

Field Verified engages the field team in a collaborative approach to accomplish project goals for building envelope performance, schedule and budget. Through regular communication, a team mentality is developed to anticipate construction quality issues and mitigate negative trends.

Building Envelope Commissioning

Field Verified provides design review, performance testing and quality assurance in support of Building Envelope Commissioning for many university and government entities.  Our vast experience is harnessed by Commissioning Authorities and owners to fill the role of Building Envelope Commissioning Agent.  Field Verified is a perfect fit as a Building Envelope Commissioning Agent because our Design Review and Quality Assurance divisions work seamlessly with our Performance Testing.  We simplify the process because all of these services are available without the use of subcontractors.  Thru Field Verified, the owner can maintain the consulting and testing portions of commissioning, as required by LEED, without the mess of multiple contracts and scopes of work.

Building Envelope Cx (BECx) is a quality-oriented process implemented to provide a building enclosure that meets (and most times, exceeds) Owner’s Project Requirements. Building enclosure includes all materials, components, systems and assemblies intended to provide shelter and environmental separation between interior and exterior. Today’s building enclosure systems are complicated and getting more so by the minute. This fact, coupled with expectations of improved performance, makes BECx the perfect tool to achieve both goals.

What are the Benefits of Building Enclosure Commissioning?

Ensure systems are properly detailed and specified.


Ensure proper material fabrication methodologies (improves material longevity).


Ensure systems are meeting the specified performance criteria post installation.


Avoid issues post occupancy.

Panelized Construction

Field Verified is the leading panelized construction design consultant and in shop quality assurance provider in the country.  Arizona is an ideal location for panelizers (contractors producing complete exterior wall units that ship to the site) and Field Verified provides design assist services and quality assurance to these fabricators on site.  Field Verified has provided these services for thousands of wall panels and projects ranging from healthcare, university and mission critical facilities.  Our experience providing these services in a typical construction environment provides these panel manufacturer’s with the needed experience and advice on product selection, installation sequence and quality installation of materials.

Field Verified is a design phase partner on many of these projects.  This includes work with the design team to merge the design goals with a panelized construction process.  Anticipating issues allows for the incorporation of specific details or panel layout to reduce or eliminate issues that may occur during panel installation. When the design and shop drawings are complete, Field Verified provides experienced consultants to develop Quality Assurance checklists and conduct regular shop visits to review quality and confirm the implementation of individual panel quality assurance checks.

The testing laboratory is often utilized to build and test multi-story mockups.  This testing is preferred by owners and architects because the innovation of panelized construction often results in unique and previously untested wall configurations.  Field Verified can provide multi-story structures at the laboratory for testing, or perform testing in the facility.  On-site testing is provided regularly on random samples during panel fabrication to confirm quality and performance of the assembly.

Property Condition Assessment

Field Verified provides Property Condition Assessments with a focus on the building exteriors, roofing, waterproofing, windows and sealants.  Field Verified specializes in the assessments of these systems and provides an assessment of their current condition, remaining service life and required maintenance. 

Unique to Field Verified, is our ability to engage our Performance Testing division to test existing windows, roof systems and waterproofing and pinpoint specific or systemic leaks and failures.

Another unique service that can be included in PCA’s or surveys is a project specific scope of work and specifications to allow the owner to get thorough estimates on the required work.  The specifications and scope provided by Field Verified allows the owner to receive estimates that can be compared, apples to apples.

The following systems are typically included in our work:
  1. Roof membrane, penetrations, coping and flashings
  2. Exterior cladding and building envelope
  3. Exterior windows, doors and skylights
  4. Balconies, decks, and waterproofing
  5. Building expansion joints, sealant joints and transitions
  6. Sub-grade waterproofing

We partner with the nation’s leading architecture firms to provide thorough assessments that put experts in the field and provides the highest value to the owner. Field Verified conducts site inspections of the facility to determine the current condition of the building envelope. This is more than a general survey and includes thorough investigation to identify specific issues to be identified and recorded.

Any available history of water intrusion, repairs or maintenance are reviewed and incorporated into the inspection and report and interviews with building maintenance can be included in the process. Our Performance Testing division is engaged to provide real data on the envelope performance rather than speculation based on visual inspection. Of course, interior conditions are be reviewed to search for visual evidence of past or current water intrusion.


Field Verified provides thorough yet simple documentation that includes a summary narrative, photographic inventory of the building envelope components, and quantified issues, level of urgency and repair recommendations.  Finally, a project specific scope of work and specifications to allow the owner to get thorough estimates on the required work.