Enclosure Management Training

The number one problem on any building is the building enclosure

That’s why we don’t train consultants, we train builders how to manage building enclosures.

Successful building enclosures aren’t just about making sure a building doesn’t leak. It’s also about getting a project done on time, on budget, and meeting the owner’s expectations.

But, if you ask any builder what the number one problem is with their buildings – callbacks, costs, any of those things – the number one problem is building enclosures and yet there’s no training. We rarely even see specialists within an organization that focus on the building enclosure. That’s why we’ve created this training.

We’ve taken our experience from thousands of projects, working with builders to get their jobs to completion. We’ve taken those lessons and best practices and packed them into this training so builders can finish every project successfully.

Just like a rain jacket

If we were to give you a rain jacket and ask you to go stand out in the rain, you’d probably wear the jacket the right way. Your dryness depends on it. Well, building enclosures is really similar. The concept of what’s right, how to overlap, how to seal things, and where the risks are is all very simple.

But obviously a building’s entire envelope is much more convoluted and intimidating than a rain jacket. That’s why we start by breaking down the barriers, providing confidence, and putting the metaphorical rain jacket on with you and stepping into the rain together.

Building Envelopes can be understood

If we were to ask you, “Hey, how do you feel about tucking your raincoat into your pants?” You would look at us like we’re crazy. And we would say, “You’ve got it! You have figured out building enclosures!”

This is an example of just the first ten minutes of our training and we build on these concepts the rest of the way. We cover the right way to do things, that it’s simple, and that it can be understood. Once we fully understand those simple truths we can go and focus on real issues that pop up on real projects.

Preview the Training

Check out a preview of the Building Enclosure Management Training, see the modules in action, and hear what industry leaders have to say about it.

Organization Training Program


6 Modules


Best practices to ensure project planning, budgeting, and training are in place before a project starts.


7 Modules

Construction Process

Identify common enclosure issues that can be solved and planned for during the building process.

7 Modules

Performance + Quality

Go beyond keeping a building leak free and learn how to build the best buildings that perform over time.
building enclosure

What We Know

“What we know is that this training will help you progress in your career and progress in life in a way that we’ll all be proud of and celebrate together. You’re in the Field Verified club after this. We’ll be watching and helping in whatever we can in your career going forward.”

Brian Melcher
Founder & Principal, Field Verified

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Reserve seats for you and your whole team to get access to the full 3-day Building Enclosure Management Training in Arizona. Available dates are as follows:

July 23-25
August 20-22
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December 17-19

Our training is also available in the following cities:

Tulsa, OK – September 17-19
Dallas, TX – December 12-14

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