Our Team

Brian Melcher


As a Field Verified principal, Brian was instrumental in opening the first building envelope consulting firm in Arizona to expand to a full-scale testing facility. He began his career building custom homes and retail space in Southern California. His experience shifted to quality assurance inspection of residential and commercial buildings across the United States.  He is an expert in water intrusion, construction defects, code compliance and building maintenance with skills that include forensic construction investigation, analyzing reported construction defects and resolving construction disputes.  He led Field Verified in developing ISO-compliant testing procedures to become the first AAMA-Accredited field testing agency in the world and opened the first accredited mock-up and window testing laboratory in the Mountain West.

Ryan Olsen

Senior Consultant

With a 13-year history in the construction industry, Ryan started in curb, sidewalk, gutter and bridge reconstruction. Transitioning to a specialty in below-grade waterproofing and weather barriers in 2012, he brings vast knowledge and experience to exterior systems on projects throughout the Southwest.

Sean Melcher

Senior Consultant

Sean’s construction background started with building custom homes and light commercial buildings before expanding to large-scale projects. Combined with six years of experience serving in the U.S. Air Force, he brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise to every situation. He addresses every challenge with innovative solutions and efficiency.

Joanna Estes

Senior Enclosure Consultant

Joanna is an experienced project engineer with a demonstrated history in the construction industry. Her management skills include quality control, enclosure scope, coordination of drawing details with consultants and coordination with trade partners and manufacturers. She is passionate about teaching and sharing construction knowledge with project teams to ensure their success. Her strong professional skills in customer service, strategic planning and time management make her a valuable member of the Field Verified team.

Zach Jackson

Senior Consultant

Zach has worked in the construction industry off and on in recent years while pursuing a business degree. He has spent countless hours inspecting the exterior conditions of prominent data centers across the nation. Through diligent work and strong communication skills, he has formed long-lasting relationships with teams on every project in which he is involved.

Todd Bowman

Senior Innovation Specialist

Todd is a construction innovator with 20-plus years of managing and overseeing contracted work on-site and in the office, ensuring successful project completions. His experience includes engaging in concept design planning, preconstruction coordination, large enclosure management, fabrication and manufacturing quality assurance and testing.

Riley O’Neil

Director of Operations

Riley has a strong background in administration of complex and unique services. He is instrumental in shaping the path of Field Verified as we innovate and incorporate new testing, build new facilities and add equipment. Riley puts his working knowledge of construction testing to work for us and our clients every day directing the many field and performance testing services offered by Field Verified.

Connor Stott


Connor started his career in residential construction with a primary focus in remodeling. After several years of residential experience, he leveraged his knowledge and skills into commercial-grade construction. At Field Verified, Connor applies his skills as a lead tester for the team, performing high-voltage electronic leak detection, roof moisture scans and window testing.

Tom Dunlop


Tom is a recent and valued addition to Field Verified. He grew up surrounded by construction industry influences. Tom has worked in Australia in excavating / landscaping / carpentry and most things blue collar. His variety of skills and experience blend seamlessly with the Field Verified team.

Sunni Lavulavu

Salt Lake City Team Lead

Sunni brings more than 25 years of experience focused in federal construction projects, commissioning and building envelope commissioning to Field Verified. As an avid learner and construction enthusiast, he has acquired more than a dozen ICC code compliance certifications. He uses his vast industry knowledge as an industry educator sharing his decades of construction experience. Sunni currently leads our local Salt Lake City team.