About Field Verified

Covered with Verified Integrity

Every building envelope requires a whole lot of people and parts coming together to make one cohesive barrier between the inside and the outside. But it’s never that easy. Even the smallest gap, leak, or miscalculation can derail an entire operation and destroy reputations. That’s why everyone involved is trying to cover more than just the building.

Through our extensive field testing capabilities, state-of-the-art AAMA-accredited lab, and design consulting services, Field Verified is equipped to ensure the success of every building envelope before, during, and after it’s completion. We don’t rest until every person, system, and building we work with is covered with verified integrity.

Our Values


”Always dig deeper”

Our customers know we get it. We care about the job and know our job well enough to understand. We care enough to listen.


“Trust through communication”

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. When they need something, our door isn’t closed. And because of this relationship, we find out about problems earlier because people bring them to us quicker. They know we won’t blow them off. And that trust – the trust that tells them we’re taking them seriously – makes us a partner, not just another contractor.

Attention to Detail

”Make decisions with precision”

We enjoy the work we do and take the time necessary to slow down, ask questions and think. People trust us to make important decisions that protect life and property so every detail matters.


“Forge legacy through honesty”

We know what’s important and we discipline ourselves to accomplish it. We embody character in the work that we do, keeping consistent integrity through various roadblocks and problems. When things go wrong, our character makes us stand out.


“Build shared goals”

Our teamwork goes deeper than just cooperation. While we foster a strong collaborative workforce inside our company, our team doesn’t just include our own employees. Every client, every jobsite interaction, and every relationship we build adds to the ever-growing web of strong Field Verified teamwork.


“Treat it like it’s yours”

We always act in the best interest of the people and the project. We follow through. This is enabled by a desire from each member of the team to see the job completed, and completed well. We’re closers.