Water Testing

Leak Investigation + Construction Defect Investigation + Expert Witness

Why Water Testing?

The culmination of Field Verified’s testing and consulting experience is our Water Testing division.  Our Water Testing division provides leak investigation, construction defect investigation, and expert witness services. Field Verified maintains a team of thriving experts with ongoing careers in new construction consulting and testing.  Our methods are proven daily on active construction sites across the country and by a long list of repeat clients.

Leak Investigation

In partnership with our Consulting and Testing Divisions, our Water Testing team provides investigation of water leaks ranging from balconies and roofs, windows and walls, to sub-grade waterproofing.  We possess the intuition necessary to identify sources of water intrusion and combine it with cutting edge technology and knowledge of construction materials.  A systematic approach to testing and investigation provides thorough documentation of issues and simulation of the leak once the source is identified, proving our results.  Tools like ASTM certified spray racks, negative pressure chambers, smoke tracers, infrared thermography, Electronic Field Vector Mapping, high voltage holiday detectors and non-invasive moisture meters are used to facilitate our process.

Owners and contractors on critical buildings like hospitals, universities, data centers and food processing plants rely on Field Verified to identify leaks and provide solutions.

Construction Defect Investigation

First and foremost, our clients want solutions.  We approach each issue with the urgency required to mitigate damaging issues and potential defects. Practical Knowledge gained from experience on hundreds of commercial projects and thousands of residences is put to use. We possess forensic experience on every major type of commercial or residential application.

Years of problem solving in a fast pace construction environment has embedded a skill for analyzing information from numerous reports, documents and actual site conditions. We can develop and self-perform testing regimens to identify, document and diagnose construction defects.

Expert Witness

Field Verified’s experts are still active in the new construction industry, unlike most firms providing expert witness services.  We keep up with new technologies in building and testing.  We lead and shape the industry as contributors to ASTM test standards, building code and publications.

It doesn’t matter what case is in question, Field Verified experts have the practical knowledge to understand all facets of the issue. The hands-on construction experience of our principals that provide expert opinion with practical knowledge.  Our experts possess the unique ability to convey complex construction conditions in easily understood terms no matter the audience.

Whether it be in a report, deposition, or in front of a jury, our experts are unassuming, polite and concise. Using a strong ability to articulate opinions of technical issues, facts are well represented in reports and cite pertinent industry sources and the ability to cite building code or accepted industry standards provides increased value over many other expert opinions.

Field Verified has a reputation for providing clear, concise reports regarding construction standards of care, installation, building code, damage and repair estimates.

We’ll Show You

Request a CV for our construction defect Experts and you’ll see what others have found out, our Practical Knowledge is based in decades of providing Construction Quality Assurance programs to builders, owners and architects across the Southwest. Our Experts continue to engage in industry specific education and training related to roof, walls, windows, building code, concrete and EIFS. Field Verified is available to consult on ADA Compliance, building maintenance, construction defects, water intrusion.

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