Mission Critical Projects

Mission Critical facilities now means more than life and death operational facilities like hospital, military or government buildings.   It has grown to include buildings that house systems that are critical to business operations, the loss of which would damage a business’ ability to function and their reputation.  In today’s technologically-advanced world, end users expect services and systems to be readily available whenever they want or need them.  Should downtime occur, even for a few minutes, it could lead to significant damage to reputation.  The expansion of the Internet of Things means that the average person relies heavily on connectivity and technology not just for business operations but day-to-day life including home automation, personal technology devices, and more.

A mission critical data center facility’s uptime must be protected on multiple levels.  Redundancy is the name of the game in mission critical facilities. – titanpower.com

Low bids and value engineering may cut corners that the building owner and clientele cannot afford to risk. Roof leaks are devastating and energy loss through air leakage is costly. Field Verified provides field testing services that verify the integrity of the roof, walls, windows and waterproofing of these facilities at first install and over the life cycle of the building. Fixing a leak when it occurs is already a major failure for a mission critical facility. Possible future leaks need to be identified before they occur.  Roof Moisture Scans, Electronic Leak Detection and Roof Assessments can provide the security required for maintaining the integrity of the building envelope on Mission Critical Facilities.