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HSIB Featured by Co Architects

CO Architects featured the HSIB, a Field Verified project, on their site. Click below to read the full article.  View Our Latest Projects

Scottish Rite featured in Dallas News

Scottish Rite was featured on for beginning construction on their new 5-story medical center. Check out the full article by clicking the image below.  View Our Latest Projects

(Video) State-of-the-art Movement Science Lab at TSRH

Here's a live look into the new Frisco campus at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, a Field Verified project. Check out the construction site to learn about how the state-of-the-art Movement Science Lab will help their patients and young athletes get back to...

ASU Student Pavilion Highlighted

Arizona State University's State Press highlighted ASU's new Student Pavilion Building, a Field Verified project, outlining the features of the new building. Click below to read the full article.  View Our Latest Projects

HSIB featured by University of Arizona

UA Health Sciences Innovation Building celebrates with a Topping Off Ceremony. Click the image below to view the full article.  View Our Latest Projects

BUMCP on AZ Big Media

Banner University Medical Center was featured on AZBIGMEDIA for the developers' ability to save time and millions on the $418M project. Click the image below to view the entire article.  View Our Latest Projects



How Open Communication Creates a “Can Do” Culture

Most employers on the hunt for new recruits are looking for someone with a “can-do” attitude. What employer wouldn’t want to have that kind of employee? And for that matter, what employee wouldn’t want to have that kind of attitude? The problem is that most of us...

How to Be Relatable While Pushing for Excellence

A leader’s job is to get a bunch of people to move from point A, to point B. And if possible, to like it. A math teacher leads their students from ignorance to competence. A General leads his troops from the safety of their camp to the trenches of a battlefield. A...

3 Signs of a Resourceful Employee

Resourcefulness: everybody wants it in their employees, but few know how to make a resourceful employee. It isn’t like honesty or diligence where you can just resolve to tell the truth or to work harder. You can’t just decide one day to start being resourceful. So how...

3 Reasons a Small Consulting Firm is Huge

Large consulting firms bring experience and a certain level of accountability. But small consultancies offer their own benefit. They can be a great value, since they’re often more niched, have experience in your area, give you deeper connections with their everyday...

Your Moral Clarity Makes Things Better for Everyone

Balancing everyone’s needs on a project can be tough without goal clarity. Employees, contractors, the client and you might all need different things. So how do you juggle all those needs at once? You create a leadership environment that unifies those needs, helping...

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