Field Verified Expands to Salt Lake City

Jul 8, 2020

Local Team Provides Building Envelope Commissioning, Consulting and Testing Services

After serving the area remotely for more than seven years, Field Verified is now servicing Salt Lake City locally on a fulltime basis. Phoenix-based Field Verified, a leading-edge provider of building envelope commissioning and testing services, has been responsible for building envelope quality assurance and consulting on hundreds of projects, including projects for Okland Construction, Layton, DPR Construction and Hensel Phelps.

Sunni Lavulavu, who brings more than 25 years of experience focused on federal construction projects, commissioning and building envelope commissioning, will lead the local Salt Lake City team, with support from Field Verified principal Brian Melcher and senior consultant Ryan Olsen.

According to Melcher, who spearheaded the expansion to Salt Lake City, “The importance of having a local presence cannot be overstated. We are committed to acting in the best interest of our clients and their projects. It’s a shoulder-to-shoulder kind of partnership to achieve the same goal. The only way to do it right is to be local and available.”
The Field Verified team’s expertise comes from decades spent in both the field inspection of new and existing buildings and as contractors performing the work. Each project is approached in a collaborative manner to accomplish project goals for building envelope performance, schedule and budget.

All services available through Field Verified’s original location in Phoenix are now available in the greater Salt Lake City area, including:

  • Building envelope commissioning
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • Field testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Design Assist Field Performance Testing
  • VeriScan RMTM roof moisture scanning
  • Data center special equipment testing

Field Verified was formed in 2013 by a team of architects, engineers and construction professionals. For more detailed information about the consulting services Field Verified offers,
or to learn more about field testing and mock-up testing for glass, windows, storefront, curtain wall, EIFS, metal panel and roof systems, please visit For assistance with
projects in the greater Salt Lake City area, contact Sunni Lavulavu, [email protected] 760.697.4041 or Brian Melcher, [email protected], 480.719.5090

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